DE Video News Roundup, CES 2020 Highlights Part 2

Brunswick showcases hightech boat, Blackberry hitches a ride in self-driving cars, COMSOL releases COMSOL 5.5, more

Brunswick showcases hightech boat, Blackberry hitches a ride in self-driving cars, COMSOL releases COMSOL 5.5, more

A CES attendee tries out AR-VR hardware. Image courtesy of CES.

If what attendees saw at CES 2020 is the direction of the future, the boats, cars, and trucks you are driving now, may soon have the ability to respond o your verbal commands and drive themselves, thanks to AI.

At CES 2020, attendees take a close look at the automotive products on display. Image courtesy of CES.

Brunswick and Blackberry

“At CES this year, we are excited about AI and applications of machine learning in our product design. We are focused on speech recognition and object detection using computer vision. We’re looking at embedding these into our products,” said Troy Kollman, director of Brunswick innovation center.

Brunswick manufactures watersports products and boating equipment. At CES, the company showcased what it called machine concepts, driven by ADAS, or autonomous driver assistance systems.

Blackberry, the name closely associated with the once-dominant handheld personal schedulers and organizers, is making a comeback, as part of the autonomous vehicle sector.

“We’re showing some new, cool technologies in the automotive sector. We have safety-certified OS, with a large set of features on top of that, we’re showing Cylance integration, which is a machine learning company, and we’re working with AWS in the automotive context,” said Charles Eagan, CTO, Blackberry Ltd.

Blackberry’s loss of marketshare in the personal handheld device sector was largely related to the emergence of Android- and iOS smart phones. The company has recently refashioned itself as an enterprise security tech company, focussing on security for mobile devices, embedded systems, networks, and endpoint devices. Autonomous vehicles is a relatively new market for Blackberry.

More details on Siemens and ARM

Also at the show, Siemens spokespersons explained the logic behind the partnership between Siemens and ARM.

“With ARM processor IP on Siemens’ PACE 360 simulation platform, it helps automotive manufacturers and suppliers to start developing next-gen automotive platform to intersect the road maps of 2025 and 2026,” according to David Fritz, global technology manager, Autonomous and ADAS, Siemens.

“The next generation in automotive is going to have a lot of high-compute electronics. We’ve used similar techniques to validate integrated circuits (ICs) in the semiconductor industry. In partnership with ARM. At CES we announced our plan to create a digital twin of the vehicle so they are functionally safe and can be validated before they hit the road,” said Siddharth Viswanathan,  Account Technology Manager, North America, PAVE360, Siemens.

COMSOL releases COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5

Lats week, COMSOL released COMSOL Multiphysics 5.5. In the latest version, the software gives you a new 2D sketching tool, intelligent enough to convert your rough sketches into perfect lines and arcs with symmetries, parametrically editable features.

This version also includes smooth geometry output tools from topology optimization, and the option to enforce design constraints in shape optimization.

The Ray Optics module lets you analyze wave and particle dispersing behavior, using ray bouncing as movement paths. You can release near or far field waves and visualize their travel path and interactions.

It also includes new PLY and 3MF format exports to support additive manufacturing (AM), new tools for editing 3D scanner-acquired models and 3D printable formats, a new solver in the acoustics module to tackle larger models that demand more computation, and much more.

For a comprehensive list, go to COMSOL’s site.

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