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Simulation and Test Solutions

Simcenter™ software, from Siemens Digital Industries Software, is a flexible, open and scalable portfolio of best-in-class predictive simulation and test applications that support customers at every step in their digital journey to drive innovation into their products and shorten time to market. Simcenter is a key component within Xcelerator, a comprehensive and integrated portfolio of software, services, and an application development platform that speeds digital transformation. For additional information on Simcenter, please visit

Siemens Digital Industries Software Products

Heeds is a powerful design space exploration software package that interfaces with all CAD and commercial CAE tools to drive product inno­va­tion across all industries. It accelerates the engineering design process by automation, exploration and maximizing performance.

Address the complexity of smart, automated and electrified products that bring together mechanics, electrics, electronics and controls. Optimize system performance earlier in the design process, improve product quality and reduce development time and costs.

Simcenter’s integrated high-end, multi-discipline solutions are scalable for use by general CAE analysts and discipline experts. Additionally, by linking 3D simulation to Simcenter’s 1D and testing solutions, you can achieve unmatched accuracy.

Simcenter Testing Solutions deliver critical insights for innovate smart products, increase testing productivity and efficiency, maintain quality, enhance team collaboration and engineering flexibility, close the loop with simulation and lower cost of ownership.

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