EOS Aluminum Al5X1 Alloy Launches for DMLS

Delivering high strength and elongation and requiring only a single-step heat treatment with no HIP.

Delivering high strength and elongation and requiring only a single-step heat treatment with no HIP.

OS Aluminum Al5X1 anodized example parts. Image courtesy of EOS.

EOS, supplier of manufacturing solutions for industrial 3D printing, introduced the EOS Aluminum Al5X1, an aluminum alloy engineered for additive manufacturing (AM). EOS Aluminum Al5X1 delivers performance and material properties with strength and elongation, around 410 MPa ultimate tensile strength and 14% elongation.

“A combination of high strength and high elongation for an aluminum alloy is critical for manufacturers in industries like aerospace, but equally crucial is delivering the property combination at a reasonable cost,” says Dr. Ankit Saharan, senior manager of Metals Technology at EOS. “Also interesting—Saharan continued—is that since the material can be anodized, this makes it very attractive to OEMs in areas like consumer electronics who are seeking to produce different colored products to suit customers preferences, with the added bonus of corrosion resistance.”

Requiring a single-step heat treatment with no HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), organizations manufacture parts faster and at a lower total cost. 3D printed applications using EOS Aluminum Al5X1 can also be electropolished and anodized (Type II and Type III) for cosmetic (colored) and corrosion-resistant protective properties. 

EOS Aluminum Al5X1 was tested by multiple organizations including aerospace and defense companies. 

EOS Aluminum Al5X1 for the EOS M 290 will be commercially available in November 2023, followed by commercial availability for the EOS M 400-4 in 2024.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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