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Enabling Simulation-Driven Design

In our latest podcast, Digital Engineering talks to COMSOL's Phil Kinnane about democratization of simulation.

In our latest podcast, Digital Engineering talks to COMSOL's Phil Kinnane about democratization of simulation.

Both simulation-driven design and increased access to simulation tools for non-experts have emerged as key areas of activity in the engineering world. By increasing the number of simulations performed on a given design, and by enabling simulation throughout the design process, companies can save time, reduce costs, and ultimately create better designs. That not only improves product quality, but also greatly accelerates time-to-market.

Phil Kinnane. Image courtesy of COMSOL

We recently spoke to Phil Kinnane, vice president of sales at COMSOL, to discuss design-driven simulation. COMSOL has been one of the companies leading the charge when it comes to democratization of simulation. The company has expanded access to its COMSOL Multiphysics® suite of tools via its Application Builder, which allows experts to create models and then convert them into simple-to-use apps that are tailored to other roles within the organization. The apps can then be deployed using COMSOL Server™ or COMSOL Compiler™.

You can listen to our latest DE24/7 Podcast below.

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