DE Editors’ Chat: Nano Dimension’s Offer to Acquire Stratasys, ChatGPT’s Impact on Simulation, and More

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DE editors discuss NVIDIA GTC, ASSESS, Nano Dimension's offer to acquire Stratasys, ChaptGPT's impact on simulation, OzenCon, and more

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DE Editors’ Chat: Nano Dimension’s Offer to Acquire Stratasys, ChatGPT’s Impact on Simulation, and More
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In this episode of DE Editors' Chat

Nano Dimension's Offer to Acquire Stratasys

Nano Dimension, already a 14% stakeholder of Stratasys, offered to buy the rest of the stocks for $18 per share. When Stratasys rejected the unsolicited offer, Nano Dimension increased it to $20 per share. DE editors discuss the exchanges, along with the possible impact of the merger.

ChatGPT's Impact on Simulation

The AI chatbot ChatGPT has been causing a buzz with its natural-language processing. Can it be applied to simulation? At OzenCon, keynote speaker Dr. Prith Banerjee, CTO of Ansys, explains why he thinks technology like ChatGPT could make simulation much more accessible

NVIDIA GTC Spring 2023

NVIDIA GTC returns as an online conference, drawing 250,000 participants. The company announces the release of AI Foundation Cloud Services and partnership with Microsoft Azure. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang also discusses the increase adoption of Omniverse, and calls ChatGPT “The AI heard around the world.”

ASSESS Conference

Simulation vendors discuss the need for licensing model reform, an accurate way to evaluate simulation use in enterprises, and more.

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