OpenBOM™ - Manage Parts, Bill of Materials, Vendors, and Purchases

A digital network platform to manage product data and to connect manufacturers and their supply chain networks.

A digital network platform to manage product data and to connect manufacturers and their supply chain networks.

Engineering and manufacturing companies are facing increased product complexity, aggressive timelines, and budget constraints. The teams are distributed, located across the globe, and work around the clock, which leads to a high demand for information and details needed to complete their goals. The problems and errors found too late cost a fortune, mistakes in communication with contractors and suppliers lead to product delays and increased cost.

Unique User Experience and Integrations

OpenBOM is focused on helping engineering and design teams to organize their product information in a single source of truth, accurately create the Bill of Materials, manage changes, and share the data instantly thanks to OpenBOM cloud nature. OpenBOM user experience paradigm allows users to manage information in a manner consistent with the realities of design and manufacturing. OpenBOM seamlessly integrates with all CAD systems allowing one-click data extraction and updates.

Streamlined Processes and Design To Purchase Data Handover

Traditional PLM and data management systems never built for this new model of distributed work. The old system takes a long time to install, configure, and set up, and after all, engineers are turning to Excels. Small and medium-sized companies are at an extreme disadvantage experiencing a high level of complexity combined with the lack of resources and fierce competition. Companies are moving from the world of single computers and files into a world of data and cloud services.

Connected Multi-Tenant SaaS PLM

OpenBOM developed unique data management and collaboration platform capable to connect engineers and manufacturing companies to work together in a seamless and connected way. OpenBOM intuitive user experience is using a familiar spreadsheet-like paradigm by hiding the complexity of data management and communication using cloud and SaaS technologies. Open-BOM integrations with CAD systems are second to none providing easy data handover between engineers and other users.

Don’t Be Chief Excel Officer - Use OpenBOM!

OpenBOM provides a new digital experience to the customers coming online and starts using it immediately. Customers are saying that “By starting to use OpenBOM there is a great relief [to me] as it saves a lot of time to keep track of components.” The first time experience is extremely important. As one of our customers said, “With OpenBOM, I clicked and it worked! It was nice to see all information already filed in CAD come to my BOM. Material, for example, is very important and it came right to the BOM.” Users are relying on OpenBOM to share information and check how the selection of components, materials, suppliers and contractors.

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