New NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Design, Visualization Performance

The company has announced six new NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace architecture GPUs for laptops and desktops.

The company has announced six new NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace architecture GPUs for laptops and desktops.

The NVIDIA RTX 5000, RTX 4000, RTX 3500, RTX 3000 and RTX 2000 Ada Generation laptop GPUs deliver up to 2x the efficiency of the previous generation. Image courtesy of NVIDIA.

NVIDIA has unveiled six new NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace architecture GPUs for laptops and desktops that the company says can enhance the performance of workstations for AI, design and metaverse applications.

Using the new NVIDIA RTX GPUs with NVIDIA Omniverse, a platform for building and operating metaverse applications, designers can simulate a concept before making it a reality, planners can visualize an entire factory before it is built and engineers can evaluate their designs in real time, the company says.

The NVIDIA RTX 5000, RTX 4000, RTX 3500, RTX 3000 and RTX 2000 Ada Generation laptop GPUs deliver improved performance and up to 2x the efficiency of the previous generation. For the desktop, the NVIDIA RTX 4000 Small Form Factor (SFF) Ada Generation GPU features new RT Cores, Tensor Cores and CUDA cores with 20GB of graphics memory to deliver incredible performance in a compact card.

“Running data-intensive applications like generative AI and real-time digital twins in the metaverse requires advanced computing power,” said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. “These new NVIDIA RTX GPUs provide the horsepower needed for creators, designers and engineers to accomplish their work from wherever they’re needed.”

NVIDIA’s new laptop GPUs deliver up to double the performance and power efficiency over the previous generation for mobile workstations, the company says.

The new GPUs include the latest generations of NVIDIA Max-Q and RTX technologies for optimal energy efficiency and photorealistic graphics, and are backed by NVIDIA Studio technologies for creators. Products with NVIDIA RTX GPUs benefit from RTX optimizations in over 110 creative apps, NVIDIA RTX Enterprise Drivers for the highest levels of stability and performance in creative apps, and exclusive AI-powered NVIDIA tools: Omniverse, Canvas and Broadcast.

Professionals using these laptop GPUs can run advanced technologies like DLSS 3 to increase frame rates by up to 4x compared to the previous generation, and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise for real-time collaboration and simulation.

The NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF GPU offers a new level of performance and efficiency for mini-desktops, powering artists, designers and engineers who prefer small workstations.

By delivering better rendering and visualization performance to compact workstations, the RTX 4000 SFF GPU enables users to enjoy a fluid experience in computer-aided design, graphic design, data analysis, AI applications and software development, the company says. 

“The versatile NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation GPU offers Genetec users performance increases of up to 80% and empowers them to decode, view and analyze more video streams,” said John Burger, product line manager for video appliances at Genetec. “As camera resolutions continue to increase and require additional resources to be decoded, the NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF offers an ideal solution in a compact form factor for Genetec and its partners.”

The new RTX desktop and laptop GPUs feature the Ada architecture’s latest technologies, including:

  • CUDA cores: Up to 2x the single-precision floating point throughput of the previous generation.
  • Third-generation RT Cores: Up to 2x the throughput of the previous generation, with the ability to concurrently run ray tracing with either shading or denoising capabilities.
  • Fourth-generation Tensor Cores: Up to 2x faster AI training performance of the previous generation, with expanded support for the FP8 data format.
  • DLSS 3: New levels of realism and interactivity for real-time graphics by multiplying performance with AI.


The RTX 4000 SFF provides 20GB of memory with greater bandwidth than the previous generation. The GPU can transfer data to and from its memory more quickly, resulting in improved graphics, compute and rendering performance. The new NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Laptop GPUs provide up to 16GB of graphics memory to handle the largest models, scenes, assemblies and advanced multi-application workflows.

Next-generation desktop workstations featuring NVIDIA RTX GPUs will be available starting this month from global workstation manufacturing partners including BOXX, HP Inc. and Lenovo.

The new NVIDIA RTX laptop GPUs will be available starting this month in mobile workstations from global workstation manufacturer partners. The new NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF GPU will be available from global distribution partners such as Leadtek, PNY and Ryoyo Electro starting in April at an estimated price of $1,250 and from global workstation manufacturers later this year.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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