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Altair Updates with RapidMiner 2023 Platform

Updates include auto-clustering, expanded SAS, Python and R coding capabilities.

Updates include auto-clustering, expanded SAS, Python and R coding capabilities.

Solutions in the Altair RapidMiner ecosystem with AI embedded now deliver generative AI capabilities. Image courtesy of Altair.

Altair reports that Altair RapidMiner, its data analytics and artificial intelligence platform, is becoming more integrated and easier to use thanks to a new series of updates.

“The upgrades to Altair RapidMiner elevate the platform's capabilities to a new level and further solidify its position as a comprehensive, end-to-end, and one-of-a-kind offering within the data analytics and AI sphere,” says Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair. “By giving users of all skill levels and personas more powerful and user-friendly access to low- and no-code capabilities, Altair RapidMiner is a game-changing ecosystem for organizations in all industries, helping them reduce friction and accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

Advanced Tools for Integrating LLMs

Solutions in the Altair RapidMiner ecosystem with AI embedded now deliver generative AI capabilities, allowing users to simplify their workflow design and build unique versions of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT using their own data.

For example, a global enterprise can create a version of ChatGPT fine-tuned to their nomenclature, product universe, applications, and clients. The Altair RapidMiner platform also uses ChatGPT's new application programming interface so users can enable further customization without needing to write any code.

In addition, users can access all 300,000 Hugging Face models with a single click and fine-tune models with billions of parameters. Altair RapidMiner also uses LLMs to improve the overall experience: users can simply state desired data transformations and the software creates the appropriate workflow automatically.

Expanded AutoML and No-Code Development

Altair RapidMiner's AutoML toolset now supports automated clustering in addition to predictive modeling, feature engineering and time series forecasting. The intuitive wizard-based user experience empowers users new to machine learning to build production-ready models.

The software also supports one-click deployment of AutoML models and simplifies operating predictive models trained with AutoML as REST API endpoints. Non-expert users like data analysts and citizen data scientists can deploy and integrate machine learning models in seconds using Altair RapidMiner's preconfigured deployment settings.

Altair RapidMiner now provides a wizard-based tool for building Altair's explainable decision trees. These enable users without data science backgrounds to visualize complex interactions within data and understand how an AI model produces its output. Users can grow trees automatically, find the best splits, delete splits, and save scoring workflows.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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