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HP and Elnik to offer enhanced Metal Jet applications; HP and GKN Forged report 3D printing collaboration; HP and Sandvik collaborate on new materials.

HP and Elnik to offer enhanced Metal Jet applications; HP and GKN Forged report 3D printing collaboration; HP and Sandvik collaborate on new materials.

HP has established a strategic 3D printing collaboration with Elnik's sister business DSH Technologies. This partnership is set to accelerate capabilities of HP's commercial S100 Metal Jet Solution, providing sintering expertise.

“This collaboration equips customers using HP's commercial S100 Metal Jet Solution with advanced sintering capabilities, opening up new horizons in 3D printing for industries worldwide,” says Ramon Pastor, global head of 3D Metals at HP.

HP has engaged Elnik Systems to develop a furnace configuration dedicated to processing metal additive manufactured parts, which are the focal point of their Metal Jet system development.

Elnik Systems, recognized in the debind and sinter furnace industry, is collaborating with the HP team to drive adoption of the Metal Additive part-making technology. They have modified their standard metal injection molding debind and sinter furnace to accommodate the requirements of the BinderJet part-making technology.

Elnik's sister business, DSH Technologies, has  joined in the collaborative effort to provide technical processing knowledge sharing and expertise to help part producers.

In related news, HP has a separate collaboration with GKN Additive, a company focused on digital manufacturing. This collaboration involves the qualification of a range of materials for HP’s Metal Jet S100 customers, including ten different steel grades such as M2 tool steel and a dual-phase steel (free sintering low alloy).

A focal point of the collaboration is advancing GKN’s efforts to combine HP’s Metal Jet S100 technology with materials to advance tooling.  

Examples of such innovations include:

  • No Machining: Develop near-net shaped tools.
  • Wire/Sink Erosion: Final contour of tools is achieved through wire/sink erosion.
  • HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing): Enhance the density and integrity of 3D-printed components.
  • Plasma Nitriding: Surface treatment to improve wear resistance and durability.
  • PVD-Coating (Physical Vapor Deposition): Provide tools with enhanced surface properties.

Customers can purchase powders directly from GKN and access HP's Professional Services to establish a development program.

In more related news, HP also set up a collaboration with Sandvik associated with advanced materials for 3D printing. This collaboration introduces materials like superalloys and 316L, amplifying the potential of HP's Metal Jet technology. This collaboration also expands the collaboration to develop the HP Metal Jet 17-4PH stainless steel powder.

“Our collaboration with Sandvik broadens Metal Jet's capabilities, empowering industries to revolutionize manufacturing processes and products,” Pastor says. 

Alexandre Tartas, global head, Go-To-Market, HP Personalization & 3D Printing, emphasizes that “these materials are strategically crafted to empower our valued customers, enabling them to explore groundbreaking applications, especially in the aerospace and industrial sectors.” 

Customers can purchase powders directly from Sandvik and access HP’s Professional Services to set up a development program for their specific needs.

“By combining the expertise of our companies, I believe the collaboration will lead to advancements in both materials and manufacturing technology that will ultimately benefit our customers,” says Andrew Coleman, head of Additive Manufacturing at Sandvik.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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