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Cloud Engineering Simulation: A Game Changer for Design Engineers

By combining powerful multiphysics solver technology with the limitless compute power of cloud supercomputers, engineers can create true Digital Prototypes.

By combining powerful multiphysics solver technology with the limitless compute power of cloud supercomputers, engineers can create true Digital Prototypes.

Image courtesy of OnScale.

Why are more and more design engineers asking for high-performance simulation software? Because legacy desktop simulation constrains them with expensive tools limited by local compute power. Their skills, ingenuity, and hunger for innovation are bounded by budget, hardware downtime, and the expensive and time-consuming physical prototyping needed to generate engineering insights about new designs.

Physical prototyping practices are no longer sustainable, and engineers are turning to the power of Cloud Engineering Simulation to create true Digital Prototypes—cost-efficient digital representations of physical high-tech devices that capture their complete physical behavior. With OnScale, digital prototypes are built by running thousands of full 3D multiphysics simulations in parallel. In fast moving markets like 5G RF, engineers are pushing the boundaries of technology and realizing massive benefits from digital prototypes—in many cases, seeing a 90% reduction in overall cost, risk, and time-to-market.

What do engineers get with OnScale? OnScale is the combination of high-performance natively-parallel multiphysics solvers developed for the most demanding organizations in the world, public or private cloud supercomputers, a functional GUI, an API to efficiently integrate OnScale into any design workflow, scripting languages to fully customize simulations, and plugins to enhance engineering capabilities. Data importing and exporting as well as postprocessing are included. Engineers can run simulations on high-performance computers in the cloud by letting the software do all the heavy lifting. OnScale is multi-tenant—there are no software licenses and no IT license management issues. OnScale comes with world-class data security and uses best-in-class security components from our cloud partners, AWS and GCP.

Have you ever heard of pay-as-you-simulate? OnScale’s engineers are proud of our business model as they have experienced first-hand how legacy licensing schemes don’t scale up and down as needed. OnScale’s model is based on the compute time it takes for a simulation to run, and our AI estimators accurately predict how much a simulation study will cost and how long it will take before an engineer hits “run”. Pay-as-you-simulate: it’s as simple as that.

In a few years, we will look back at this time in history­—the dawn of Cloud Engineering Simulation era—and wonder how we ever lived in the desktop simulation world.

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