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128 Sierra Street #202
El Segundo, California, 90245
United States of America
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At the time of 3Diligent's founding, accessing cutting edge additive manufacturing technology was painful.  Some service bureaus had machines and availability, but the wrong material.  Others had the right material, but the wrong equipment.  Even when all the stars lined up, the pricing might be astronomically high, and seemingly similar offers from different service bureaus would be priced miles apart, leaving you confused as to what was going on.

3Diligent in the News

Software and services empower pandemic-era product development and procurement.

Company is coordinating rapid manufacturing of PPE to ensure supply meets demand.

3Diligent Consulting is launched by a former Deloitte consultant to support large enterprises and manufacturers through their Industry 4.0 journey.

Company’s 3D printing, machining, casting and injection molding technologies allow on-demand custom part fulfillment globally.

From new cold spray deposition methods to innovations in extrusion processes, advances in metal additive manufacturing address long-standing limitations related to cost, safety and time to print.

3Diligent takes a stand against 3D printed guns, Autodesk and NASA envision 3D-printed habitats for Mars, and a hardware business report from Fictiv.

Defense Distributed is gearing up to unleash files for 3D printed guns on the Internet, while a coalition of attorney generals from nearly a dozen states fired back with lawsuits to stop the move.

3Diligent adds comprehensive machining and casting services.

3D printing industry confronts industrial printing challenges of consistency, education and more.

Both Markforged and Desktop Metal have announced metal 3D printing systems that avoid the concerns posed by working with classic powdered-metal materials.

The buzz at the show was mostly that of the manufacturing, not prototyping, world.