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Choose the Right Mobile Workstation for the Job

How mobile workstations are tailored to the workloads of the professionals who need them most.

How mobile workstations are tailored to the workloads of the professionals who need them most.

This 10-page paper explains how workstation manufacturers are tailoring mobile workstations to meet the power, versatility, reliability and security needs of professionals in specific industries.

When Digital Engineering surveyed our audience about their computing needs, you told us that reliability and quality were the most important factors to you when evaluating computer hardware. Most of you (79%, to be exact) also said you were planning to invest in workstations within the next 12 months. That data tells me you’ll be interested in checking out “Making the Case for the Right Workstation,” a new paper available from DE on behalf of Lenovo.

Lenovo recently announced the next generation of its ThinkPad P Series with the release of five new ThinkPads, including the ThinkPad P53, ThinkPad P73, ThinkPad P1, and ThinkPad P53s and P43s. The paper shows off each of the new workstations—complete with specs and end user examples. As you’d expect, the next generation is faster and more powerful on one end and thinner and lighter on the other. 

Where the paper really hits home is its discussion of mobile workflows that are specific to different jobs. You see, Lenovo did its own research before designing the ThinkPad P Series and found significant differences in what professionals working in manufacturing and engineering need, for example, vs. those working in media and entertainment or government and defense. It then used that data to make sure the P Series had options for those different workflows, including certifications for the software they use most. “Making the Case for the Right Workstation” explains how to choose a mobile platform that can accommodate the right balance of processing and graphics power, mobility, and form and function. 

For example, professionals working in Media and Entertainment might value the ThinkPad P Series’ 4K OLED touch display with Dolby Vision HDR for color support and the X-Rite Pantone Factory Color Calibration service. You product design and development engineers may be interested in the extra screen real estate of the 17-in. ThinkPad P73, or the inclusion of the new NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU in the ThinkPad P53 15-in. mobile workstation—power previously reserved for those willing to carry a 17-in. mobile workstation. Those working in the government and defense industries will be happy to see all the Lenovo ThinkShield security options, such as ThinkPad PrivacyGuard on the ThinkPad P43s that activates screen privacy at the touch of a button and notifies users if the system detects visual hackers.

Of course, every mobile workstation user wants to know their workstation can survive life on the road, hence those high standards for quality we saw in DE’s survey. “Making the Case for the Right Workstation” explains how the ThinkPad P Series addresses durability and reliability through adherence to the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810G standards for testing. The entire mobile workstation line is tested with 12 methods and 22 procedures covering its ability to operate effectively in tough environments—a level of testing that Lenovo says exceeds that of other major OEMs.

There’s much more to learn about the benefits of mobility in general, the specific needs of various professionals and how the Lenovo ThinkPad P Series addresses those needs. Check out the paper for all the details.

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