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ESTECO Company Profile

39555 Orchard Hill Pl.
Suite # 457
Novi, Michigan, 48375

ESTECO is an independent software provider, highly specialized in numerical optimization and simulation data management with a sound scientific foundation and a flexible approach to customer needs. With 20 years’ experience, the company supports leading organizations in designing the products of the future, today.

Our smart engineering suite brings enterprise-wide solutions for design optimization, simulation data management and process integration and automation. We help companies excel across this innovation journey, providing leading-edge technology to master engineering complexity and accomplish the shift to agile product development.

Over 300 international organizations have chosen ESTECO to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and boost product development across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

ESTECO Products:

VOLTA is a web platform for multidisciplinary business process optimization and the management of enterprise simulation data

modeFRONTIER is a comprehensive solution for process automation and optimization of the engineering design process

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Moving to Collaborative, Simulation-Led Engineering
Simulation is an important part of any enterprise’s quest to create better products, more quickly. Optimizing early in a design cycle can jump-start innovation, enabling the team to explore more alternatives, more quickly — and to make trade-offs based on physical data rather than on gut feel.
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How simulation experts and simulation users can make the most of digital transformation and collaborate in the most efficient way.

As access to compute resources expands, and new tools shift simulation to engineers and designers, the volume of simulation data has increased.

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Enjoy VOLTA simulation process and data management, design exploration and optimization from your own application.

New AI algorithms and charting templates extend the ability to bring simulation data into design optimization.

Autonomous optimization helps simplify complex engineering processes.

Multi-fidelity optimization saves time and cost, while maintaining accuracy.

Thought leadership from the companies creating the technologies engineering teams are using to meet today's product design and development challenges.

New release extends numerical optimization and simulation data management platforms.

Labyrinthine design processes and simulation data management can render informed decision-making tough going. This could be your path out of the maze.