World-class CAE Suite Offers Wide-Ranging Updates

BETA CAE Systems maintains its leading status for FEA and CFD analysis.

BETA CAE Systems maintains its leading status for FEA and CFD analysis.

BETA CAE Systems is an industry leader in comprehensive CFD and FEA analysis for a variety of industries. Image courtesy of BETA CAE Systems.

BETA CAE Systems introduces v20.0.0 of its software suite, offering a variety of updates, improvements and new features. The suite addresses all challenges involved in engineering simulation, paying close attention to the bottlenecks often introduced by modeling complexity. Each product in the suite offers stand-alone benefits, but as a suite, it boosts the operational efficiency of the engineering team’s CAE modeling, simulation and analysis processes as a whole.

The six products in the V20 suite are ANSA for pre-processing; EPILYSIS for FEA solving of both linear and non-linear behavior; META for post-processing of 2D plots and 3D fields; KOMVOS for simulation data handling; RETOMO for CT scan visualization processing; and SPDRM simulation process data and resource management. These are not simplified software tools for elementary analysis, but complete products designed for stand-alone use yet valuable as collaborative elements of the larger suite. 

ANSA has new processes for mid-surface extraction and meshing, focusing on computational fluid dynamics processing demands. The new Conv2Poly function can now be applied to Light Volume Representation meshes, enabling the ability to completea full process in light mode with the corresponding reductions of time and memory use. 

ANSA also offers new parallel volume meshing of multiple independent volumes, using the functions that produce unstructured volume meshes. ANSA, and other modules in the suite, now offers tools for using virtual reality in CAE. The ANSA Feature Manager now supports Special Perimeters (sharp, free and leading edges) and Trailing Edges. The redesigned Spacing CFD function can apply special features and special meshing rules to each as needed. 

BETA CAE Systems says this update to ANSA also offers a more reliable path from PDM to CAE, by addressing cases that require specialized modeling such as Connections and Features. 

META offers new dedicated solutions on the user toolbar, making a variety of post-processing applications faster and more robust. For ANSA and META there are new optimization solutions, including a beam optimization tool plug-in and a new process for topology optimization, allowing for fast and smooth surface mesh creation. 

There are new machine learning algorithms in RETOMO, and new support for virtual reality as an engineering tool.

EPILYSIS offers extended functionality for finite element analysis, with new support for SOL200 multidisciplinary optimization. BETA CAE Systems says all aspects of EPILYSIS run with “significant acceleration” compared to the previous version. Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis is enhanced with new results outputs. The kinetic, potential and total energy contributions of component modes are read and displayed using a new graphical user interface. 

RETOMO has new manual tools, enhanced visualization modes and advanced filtering. Machine Learning Segmentation provides a new intelligent alternative to segmenting challenging scans. 

BETA CAE Systems counts all the major CAD and CAE vendors as solution partners. The suite is commonly used in automotive, railway, aerospace, motorsports, chemical process engineering, energy, heavy machinery and biomechanics. The update is now available directly from BETA CAE Systems. 

For more information on the BETA CAE Systems Version 20.0 suite for FEA and CFD analysis, click here. 

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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