Where Autonomous Matters: Design Space Exploration Made Easy

ESTECO VOLTA expedites the decision making and design space exploration phases, freeing up time and human resources

ESTECO VOLTA expedites the decision making and design space exploration phases, freeing up time and human resources

Usability is a key issue for many working with automated solutions. Regardless of their level of expertise, individuals are faced with complex algorithms and must identify the right optimization strategies to get the best result, while taking into ac-count the time and human resources available. Such manual tasks are not only time-consuming but highly repeti-tive, where the design and engineering expertise of specialist staff is not used to its full potential.

This is where ESTECO’s advanced process automation and optimization driven design technology can help. It allows to automate every sort of simulation process, integrate any solvers, run intelligent algorithms, and pick the right design. What’s more, this capability frees design and engineering experts, allowing them to focus on value-added tasks instead. It can also be used by nonexpert users democratizing the design space exploration and accelerating the decision making processes.

Effective design space exploration is a complex issue, where users must often balance the time to reach a solution with the quality of that solution. This is where ESTECO Autonomous Optimization capabilities step in, minimizing the time from the first model to the first result.

Compared to the self-Initializing mode, which uses as a single parameter the number of design evaluation, to reduce some of the complexity of the optimization strategy, ESTECO Autonomous mode takes things to the next level. It is an intelligent solution, which allows expert and non-expert users to balance the time to find the optimal solution with the number of design iterations.

The algorithms featured use information gathered from the problem analysis stage to drive optimization in the right direction, available in a reasonable time window. Users simply press Play to start the system working.

ESTECO VOLTA simulation and product data management platform simplifies the simulation process, enabling teams to concurrently compare, validate and collaboratively decide on design solutions with advanced data intelligence tools. Within VOLTA you can find a complete set of numerical tools covering deterministic, stochastic and heuristic methods for both single and multi-objective problems, all available in the Autono-mous mode.

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