Call for Entries for 2022 Die Casting Competition

The deadline is June 13, 2022.

The deadline is June 13, 2022.

The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) is spreading the word and reminding of the upcoming deadline for its annual Die
Casting Competition. This competition recognizes, rewards and publicizes the outstanding casting designs of the year. Each entry is judged on its design, quality, cost savings, ingenuity, innovation and market-expanding potential, according to the NADCA. All entries must be received by June 13, 2022.  

Winners will be featured in national industry magazines and will also be displayed at the 2022 Die Casting Congress & Tabletop in Lexington, KY, in September. 

Official Entry Rules

Any number of castings may be entered. Submit a separate entry form for each casting or assembly of castings. As-cast part samples are
required with each entry form. The metal surface cannot be improved or concealed by tumbling, shot blasting, coating or other surface
treatments. NADCA encourages sending secondary processed samples, but only in addition to the as-cast parts.

All castings submitted for the competition must have approval in writing (email is acceptable) from the customer stating their permission to enter their die cast part in the competition. Entrants may request that certain information, such as customer names, be withheld from public use in exhibitions, magazine articles and other publications.

Judging is conducted by an independent panel of experts from the die casting industry, with no ties to eligible companies. The four equally
weighed criteria are ingenuity of casting/product design, overall quality, cost savings and market-expanding potential.

The competition is open to die castings in these categories:


  • Aluminum under 1 lb. 
  • Aluminum 1-to-10 lbs. 
  • Aluminum over 10 lbs. 
  • Aluminum structural/high integrity (squeeze, semi-solid, high vacuum)
  • Aluminum any size with decorative finish (requires two castings to be submitted: as-cast condition and finished condition)


  • Magnesium under .5 lb. 
  • Magnesium over .5 lbs. 


  • Zinc under 6 oz./non-electroplated
  • Zinc over 6 oz./non-electroplated
  • Zinc any size with decorative finish (requires two castings to be submitted: as-cast condition and finished condition)

Other Alloy Families

  • Any size, base alloy excludes Al, Mg, Zn

To enter, complete the online form found here.

Please send all sample castings to: 

North American Die Casting Association
International Die Casting Design Competition
3250 N Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. 101 • Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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